The use of mobile phone in the world is being increased every day, the biggest reason for this is that everyone, big or small, uses a mobile phone. Pakistan ranks 148th out of 159 countries in terms of information and telecommunication capabilities. According to the International Telecommunication Authority, 76% of the world’s population currently uses mobile phones and fast speed net.

Incidents are on the rise in the country due to the increasing use of mobile phones, Law enforcement agencies seem helpless and there is uncertainty among the people.  In the world of taxis, mobile phones are on the rise, in a short span of time, online taxi booking has taken a toll on ordinary taxis. Following the popularity of online taxis, criminals have begun to take advantage of it, every second or third day there is a crime specially in relatively bigger cities.

In view of all this, we have taken various steps. We provide various instructions to drivers not to commit a crime and to avoid it. The driver’s criminal record is checked So that drivers only with good past record can join our company. Special attention is paid to the educational qualifications of the drivers and their ethics, Unsuitable persons are notified immediately during the training that they do not qualified to be a driver.

We know our drivers well, Also, they specialize in providing all kinds of driving services. Yet during any kind of unforeseen circumstances, our company notifies customers of precautionary measures from time to time, they are told to check the number plate before getting in the car. Match the driver’s face with the image that appears on the mobile phone then tell the driver their destination and instruct him to drive. Inform the company by phone call immediately of the driver’s unexpected behavior, react immediately even if the driver takes the wrong route.

Be sure to read our company policy before you book, we believe that our company policy will be helpful in making your ride good and enjoyable.

By hamza