There was a time when travelling around was not easy but then there emerged the taxis and other public transport that became exceedingly convenient. In Pakistan, the taxi industry has been reviving from a past decade. Few years back, our country only had traditional taxi service. But the future is different. Taxi Industry of Pakistan is totally changing. E-cab services are at easy for the customers. The major reason behind the success of any taxi company depends on certain factors like how they deal with the customers and how affordable they are. These are the basic criteria of competition. To beat a competitor, a company must offer affordable and safe service. The e-cab services are competing on these factors. But the traditional taxi service is out of the league when it comes to safety and affordability.

CabCall Taxi is bringing you the same Taxi service but with better affordability and security that fulfills the demands of today’s customers. We are a huge UK based cab service with more than 500 luxurious taxis there. Customers over there are pretty satisfied with the service. And now we are presenting our best services in the capital city of Pakistan. To compete with the biggest e-cab services in Pakistan, we are launching our service in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We will offer very competitive services and fares and by time, it will expand in other cities as well. Our taxi service is very responsive and can reach you in no time. The call center services add to its responsiveness. Just make a call and we are here to pick you up. Don’t worry about the safety. We focus on training our representatives to provide you the utmost safety and security while riding with us.

We serve society as a call center. Want to know how? We hire local people for call center jobs. Jobs in our country have always been a problem. Through call center, we contribute to the city by opening various job opportunities. So, besides customer care and satisfaction, we care for general people. Hundreds of people can get a job opportunity whether as a call center representative, a driver etc. This is our way of contributing to the society by running a purely customer’s safety oriented business and by offering jobs opportunities to the local people of twin cities.

By hamza