Everyone one of us has eventually used taxis in our lives. Regardless of which company you are taking the ride with, it is important that you receive the absolute best possible service. So what do you think makes a good Taxi service?

  • Credibility/Reliability:

The most important factor in taxi booking is the credibility of the service. A great thing about booking a taxi via an application is that you stay updated straight up to the point your taxi shows up to pick you. When you book a ride with the CabCall Taxi app, it allows you to track your taxi until it reaches your pick-up point. With alerts via SMS and in-app tracking system it keeps you informed so that it can give you confidence over the service that you can rely on for your future traveling as well.

  • Safety:

Sometimes, when clients make a booking, they are concerned about their safety. This especially is a concern for female travelers who travel at night. When you choose CabCall Taxi service and make a booking through our app, it gives you a higher level of safety more than other conventional transport. Our app will provide you with the driver’s details as well as the car registration number. This information ensures the customer’s peace of mind regarding their safety.

Another benefit of e-cab service is that you can rate the drivers. This rating system ensures the reliability and credibility of the drivers.

  • Cleanliness of Vehicles:

As we all know that first impressions leave a lasting impact so if the car is dirty and not well kept, it will surely be a turn-off for the customers. So the CabCall Taxi drivers would make sure that their cars are not only spick and span from outside but they are also clean from inside as well. Because the customer is going to spend most of the time traveling inside the car so it needs to be in top-notch condition.

  • Competitive Cost:

Another important factor that makes a good taxi service is competitive prices. A customer will always go for the taxis that offer a low price than others. Not only the reasonable rates but it is also important that the customers must be informed about the cost before their journey begins. So, when you will book a ride with us you will get an estimated rate that will help you in making an informed decision before your travel.

  • Amicable Drivers:

Often, customers feel danger while traveling alone or it causes a sense of uncertainty in them because they might not be frequent e-cab service users or the area might be unknown to them. Therefore, it is necessary that the drivers show a friendly and understanding attitude to make the customer feel at ease. Customers are not usually looking for a conversation but a friendly chat can go a long way during the journey that might help in making a better experience. CabCall Taxi makes sure that the drivers are professional, friendly, and approachable so that it can give the customers confidence in our service from the start to the end.

By hamza