Why All will love cab call:

For more than 6 million users, nearly 10 of every 10 ride users will get taxi on time. With more than 6 million expected trips annually to and from Islamabad.

And why wouldn’t they be? CABCALL TAXIS are readily accessible at supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, hospitals, wedding hall, vacation destinations, airports, restaurants, schools, hotel, and directly to homes.

In addition, CABCALL TAXIS are substantially more affordable than their alternatives, often costing one tenth less, and entertain hundreds (if not thousands) of social groups. CABCALL influence will continues to grow as new companies hit the market.

Not surprisingly, convenience and affordability remain prominent on the list of consumer-friendly attributes. Consumers want convenience and affordability for what consumers demand most from taxi service.

In fact, personalization ranked roughly 3 times higher in importance than other categories and was especially pronounced in the urban and elderly populations. The 2015 survey found that “Consumers want to be heard, understood, and given clear directions through a personalized taxi experience.”

Unlike our competitors, CABCALL can provide all 3 of the highest-ranked consumer demands: convenience, affordability, and personalization. We play a unique and highly advantageous roll in the community, operating as the experts in taxi services and their appropriate use in addition to clearly communicating the benefits.

Keep this in mind when we see confused customers in our aisles or when they ask us to step out of workflow to help find a service. We spend the time with them that they deserve when describing their ride options. We personalize our response based on their inquiry and feedback.

Most of all, we know our products. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer who asks for a recommendation or specific advice about a product than a blank stare on the expert’s face.

By hamza