Pakistan is a land of rich history, ancient civilization, lush landscapes, majestic mountains, stunning plains, and colorful bazaars. A country of contrasts with its sophisticated, green capitol to its sunless, bustling alley bazaar of Qissa Khawani Pakistan is an ultimate destination for adventuring souls, curious minds, and nature lovers.


It’s hard to categorize a country of this magnificence and beauty, but the following are a few places that must be on your do-list if you are planning a trip to Pakistan.


  • Fairy Meadows

A place of timeless beauty and stunning views, Fairy Meadows will make you fall in love. Located in Gilgit, the grassland is near one of the base camp sites of Nanga Parbat. A jeep ride followed by a hike of 5 kilometers, roughly 3 hours, will take you to the campsite.

You can see the peak of Nanga Parbat, an 8,000m peak also the world’s 9th highest plus the Killer Mountain from your log cabins or campsite. 


  • Khunjerab Pass

At a lofty height of 4,693metres, Khunjerab Pass is the highest paved crossing border in the world. Snaking through the majestic Karakoram Range, the pass connects Pakistan’s desert gorges and its barren wastelands with the green, grassy plateau of China.


You can drive your car or can ride a tourist bus though it is a little expensive or you can walk to enjoy the splendor of the Karakoram Range. Some of the most awe-inspiring mountain landscapes on the planet make visiting Khunjerab pass worth it.


  • Rohtas Fort

With stately gates, solid walls, and the distinctive Indo-Islamic architectural style, this 16th century Fort allows us a glimpse of the glorious Mughal era. Built by Sher Shah Suri, it lies in Jhelum, Punjab, a mere 2-hour drive from Islamabad. An exceptional example of military architecture of the Mughal era, Rohtas Fort is considered as a World Heritage by UNESCO.


You can quickly lose yourself in the exploration of this gigantic structure. One of the most massive forts in the Subcontinent, from its long, dried outwells to its iconic arches, Rohtas is well worth a visit.


  • Kalash Valley

Made up of three valleys, Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir, the Kalash Valleys merit a visit. Thought to be the descendants of armies of Alexander the Great, the people of Kalash are a colorful blend of culture, legends, traditions, and language.


Surrounded by the famous Hindukush Range, the most populous Kalash Valley is Bumburet. The natives, especially the women, wear traditional long black dresses with headpieces decorated with cowry shells, beads or bells.



  • Phander Lake

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk, Attabad Lake, Satpara lake are among some of the famous tourist spots of Pakistan. A long list of green-blue waters is not so famous but worth its name is Phander Lake.

Ghizer District houses Phander village with its white blanketed mountains, peaceful surroundings, and teal blue Phander Lake. Almost too beautiful to be real, Phander lake is surrounded by tall trees and lush green bushes. The lakeside is calm and relaxing. You can stay at Lake Inn, or PTDC accommodations are also available.

By hamza