Taxi drivers are famous for their local knowledge and wisdom. The first person to tell you about the city’s hotspots and hole-in-the-wall gems is your taxi driver. If your driver is respectable and friendly, you will have a fun ride with lots of side information about the city.


People have varying experiences with taxi travels. From comfortable to a tension-filled ride, taxis come in all flavors. With a staggering amount of taxis on the road, get ready for your unique taxi ride.


Before hiring a cab, make sure that your taxi driver has few service qualities ensuring your safety and navigating the city. With these traits, you will have a remarkable experience, and the driver will get positive feedback.


  • Sensible

Getting in a car with a sensible driver is the most important thing. Having a responsible man at the wheel gives you peace of mind. Such a driver will follow traffic rules, avoid rash overtaking, and will take you to your destination safely.


  • Local Guru

Having a driver who knows the best places for eating, shopping, and sightseeing is a blessing in a new city. No guides or concierge can see the city’s ins and outs as well as a taxi driver. His knowledge of shortcuts helps to avoid rush hour traffic and take you to your place promptly.  


  • Patience

Cab drivers come across all types of passengers. Often people are tired, sleepy, nervous, upset, and they take out their frustrations on the driver. In such conditions, it is imperative to have patience. A patient driver can read his passengers correctly and talk to them accordingly.


  • Prompt

An on-time driver makes for an excellent taxi service. With tight schedules, a ten-minute delay feels like an hour. A punctual taxi driver will drive safely, avoiding speeding and unnecessary road risks to save time.


  • Straightforward

Getting to your place via a direct route and without any detours saves time and money. A straightforward and honest driver will not try to scam you for increased fare or try to rip you off.


  • Hygiene

Getting in a smelly or dirty cab makes you want to leave from the next door. A fresh and clean taxi makes for a comfortable ride and gives you an idea about the driver. The state of the cab reflects a driver’s professionalism and manner. Avoid a dirty taxi for more reasons than one.


  • Acts Quickly and Efficiently

Driving can present many obstacles like a blocked road, an unseen procession, under construction roads, or a blocked bridge. Quick thinking at that time saves long hours stuck in traffic. If the taxi breaks down, you need a driver who thinks on his toes and comes up with a viable solution.


  • Welcoming

A friendly personality makes you feel good. A hospitable driver will greet you and help you with your luggage, leaving a good impression behind.

By hamza