Traveling is one of the luxuries of humans that has been effected due to the outbreak of Coronavirus around the globe. Due to the current situation, all the traveling plans has been on hold and staying home has been advised all over until “the curve flattens”. So whatever you were planning, we would recommend you to hold it and make a better travel plan for the future.

The situation is still uncertain and the experts are unable to predict that if there would be any possibility of summer trips or not. So all the future travel is off the table.

According to a psychologist Robert Reiner, “this thing is not forever, and everything has a beginning, a middle and an end”

In the meanwhile, we will guide you to plan your glorious and memorable first post-pandemic trip to anywhere in the world.

Trip planning can be a coping mechanism, but be flexible:

According to Reiner, the world is facing is two crises at the moment; a biological (Corona outbreak) and psychological (social isolation, Corona anxiety, economic uncertainty and many other issues).

Planning your trip a little early can motivate you to look forward to and can provide you with exhilarating distraction from the current pandemic situation. However, there are still some reservations. If you will plan your trip a little too early, it can be a cause of more distress if the plans got cancelled out. As Reiner said, “If people start planning something that they can be excited about, will help them in keeping their spirit’s high. But they need to keep it in mind that the plans might get cancelled anytime due to the situation”

When you start your planning and start connecting the dots, you need to know that you cannot travel during this pandemic situation. Even technically if the travel gets allowed, everybody still needs to stay at home for now.

Instead of traveling during the outbreak, you can plan for the next upcoming year of 2021.

Start your window shopping today:

If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you can start with one of the places that you have always dreamt about. Try to change your dreams into reality. Look for the countries that cost you less. Try to look for the flights that are cheaper so that after the pandemic you can book the first flight and fly to your dreamland.

Dig in the details:

Planning a trip is a great way to stay entertained at home. Researching, reading books and watching movies can help you in knowing more about your future destination. See the restaurants that offers you the best food. Try to look for some local bloggers or travellers and watch their videos to make yourself familiar with it.

The Pandemic has been a blessing in disguise because otherwise you will not be able to dive in such details like traveling, eating, and sightseeing while sitting at home. Pandemic has given us time to think and plan ahead and appreciate the memories that we have from our last trip.

By hamza