What’s all this fuss about traveling and doing it often? Why should one visit when he is content at home? Why spend money and time on a venture that lasts for a few days at most?

Traveling is not a one-time deal. It changes your personality, your psychology, and sometimes your outlook in life. It teaches you, strengthens you, and makes you appreciate life in all of its bounties.

You should often travel as it:

  • Boosts Health

Vacations can reduce heart diseases, anger issues, depression, and other psychological issues. Sitting behind a computer screen all day cramps your muscles, causes indigestion and other health issues.

Work stress can lead to anxiety and tension headaches. Going on vacations energizes your body and decreases stress levels.

  • Gives You A Break

Travelling takes you away from your boring daily routine. Pressures from our surroundings frustrate us and make us irritable. Your boss is unreasonable; your kids are driving you crazy, your siblings need you, your colleagues are becoming competitive amidst all this craziness you will inevitably collapse without a break.

  • Makes You Smart

You start learning and eventually speaking words and phrases from other languages. A second language is a valuable tool in your skillset. People speaking multiple languages are smarter and more confident than others.

Traveling also conditions you to handle stressful situations and think out of box solutions.

  • Enables Culture Understanding

Meeting people practicing foreign cultures and traditions gives you an innate understanding of their mindset and perspective. You can handle business dealings with international clients with finesse and sensitivity.

Respecting other cultures also cultivates a mutual feeling of harmony and respect.

  • Broadens The Mind

Traveling gives you experiences and anecdotes to share with friends. It allows you to observe from a different perspective. Going places give your point of view more depth and understanding. A person who has been to Africa is far more interesting than a person who quotes him.

  • Treat Your Palate

Everyone loves food, and I am sure you are no different. Travelling allows you to try different flavors from every street corner. Enjoy the flavorful, spicy Sub-continental cuisine, the traditional Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, the Italian pizza, or the Turkish kebabs from their place of origin as never before.

  • Sparks Your Wandering Lust

Search your opinions before deciding on a destination. Visiting remote or not so famous places will motivate and excite you. Goals of finding someplace new, exploring a hidden cave, or witnessing a sunset from a mountain top will awaken the adventurer within you and give you a memorable vacation.

  • Expand Your Group

Traveling allows you to connect to different people. To make new friends with different ethnicities and beliefs. You became a part of a vibrant group enabling you to learn new traditions and try new experiences.

  • Creates Memories

A few years down the road, you will look back and find that some of your best memories revolve around your travels. The first time you held a chapstick, your first glimpse of a lion pride, seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up, trying the German chocolate dessert, and many more.

  • Makes You Appreciate Your Home

After a vacation, you will appreciate the words “It’s good to be home.” After a refreshing break, you will be able to handle all the pressures and obstacles that seemed too big before.

By hamza