Britain is a small and beautiful country. Its rich historical background, military exploits, buildings of old architecture, palaces and lush gardens make it a favored traveling and tourist spot.

The country’s infrastructure, excellent traveling facilities, public transport of tubes and buses have made domestic moving easy and comfortable. Exploring the United Kingdom is not as difficult as it seems. It’s quite simple.

You have a variety of transportation options available. Some of them are;

  • Take a train

Traveling by train is an affordable and comfortable option. Railway tracks link all the country’s main cities, so you can visit any city that you want. You can see vast, open grasslands dotted with cows, calm, beautiful waters of the country’s lakes, the majestic hills, and mountains while train traveling. With the first-class booking, you can have your private cabin and delicious lunch and dinner on the train.

  • Travel by coach

If you want a taste of medieval England, then try coach traveling. It has a rustic charm to it. Traveling by coach is cheaper but will take you longer to reach your destination. If you are not on a tight schedule, then book a coach and go through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. The National Express is the largest coach operator in Britain. Boasting of a nationwide network in more than 1200 destinations, coach travel via National Express is safe and comfortable. You can also travel to Scotland via coach if you are fond of long road trips.

  • Rent a car

One of the most popular and enjoyable means of transportation. Car rentals are available in every major city. With professional and thoroughly vetted drivers, rental cars are safe. The drivers can also pick you up from any airport or train station. You can visit any city or country village due to a vast network of paved roads. Another advantage of rental cars is that they are equipped with navigation and GPS systems making traveling easy.

If you like open roads, a wheel under your hands, and total freedom, then rental cars suit you to a T.

  • Rev a bike

For adventure-loving souls, exploring the country on a bike is a treat. Some places are not so famous and can be approached by a narrow track. Bikes are a great way to visit the hidey holes and off the map places across the country. With multiple inns and rest houses along the way, bike rides are thrilling and make for a great vacation.

  • Sail on a narrowboat

It’s an experience you should not miss if you are not afraid of water. Narrow boats can take you to some local picturesque places where there is no other transportation option between Southwold and Walberswick on the Blyth Estuary. The means of traveling is a rowing-boat ferry. To Britain’s islands, larger boat ferries are available.

  • Ride a horse

Not many people avail of this traveling option. For riders, daredevils, and animal lovers traveling by horse riding is sporting, exciting, and fun. Horse riding can take you to some off beaten paths of great beauty and magnificent views. Some of the best moments are captured on these tracks where no cars can go.

By hamza