Many of us are clueless after high school. During this time we hear a lot of suggestions like go to college, study abroad, work from home, join a company, or learn a skill. One thing that we rarely hear or give any thought to is traveling, especially abroad.


People usually ignore early traveling opportunities slotting them in their “later in the life to-do list,” but traveling is not only fun and adventure. It hones your capabilities and gives you a winning edge in personal and professional life. 


Traveling is exciting, albeit exhausting. Your starting years are the best time of your life to explore the world. Before becoming a part of a monotonous routine and daily grind, experience stunning landscapes, learn from age-old wisdom, develop cultural understanding, share empathy, enjoy traditions, become confident, and discover yourself.


Our college days are the epitome of freedom and flexibility. You can study from anywhere, in long semester breaks can visit new places, can be anything. Take full advantage of your vigor and youth before committing yourself.


Travel so you;


  • Leave your comfort zone.

I love this quote “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” people who stay in the same place also remain the same. With the standard set of friends, co-workers, employees never get to experience life, face hardships, and develop psychologically.


Travelling takes you out of your comfortable life. Meeting new people, coming across a different culture with unique traditions, gives you confidence and mental toughness. Hardships help in your growth and make you into a competent individual.


  • Become Confident

Confidence comes in the wake of a challenging experience. Living in a foreign place with no relatives or friends is scary. Still, after connecting to the people, buying groceries, enjoying their parties, and making friends, you feel confident in your abilities and dare to face difficult challenges head-on.


  • Develop Sensitivity

We come across people of different color, creed, religion, and ethnicity in our travels as well as in our daily life. You may have a Hispanic best friend or an African American spouse. Travelling teaches you to be empathetic towards other cultures and traditions. Being culturally sensitive helps you understand the other’s viewpoint, and you can build successful relationships.


  • Embrace Globalization

With the advent of technology and social media, the world has become a global village. Now you find yourself having business meetings with foreign clients, going to international conferences, and talking to delegates from worldwide.

People who experience traveling and living abroad are far more confident, competent, and comfortable in such situations.


  • Learn A New Language

You can never truly understand a person unless you think in his language. Being proficient in more than one language is a gift few people have. A new language opens up a great many opportunities, broadens the mind, and gives a cutting edge in business dealings.


  • Enjoy Endless New Opportunities

Traveling allows you to connect to a vast number of people creating new opportunities for you. People who live or travel abroad understand the value of networking. So, when you go, meet lots of people, make tons of friends and open new doors for them as well as yourself.

By hamza