Losing your belongings during traveling is very common that it must have happened with every person at least once. Majority of people never found the lost stuff but there are few lucky ones who discovered them back. There are few items like an umbrella, sunglasses, jacket that are replaceable if you ever lose them. But losing things like mobile phone, keys, and wallet are the ones that can be stressful for you. 

You cannot feel the phone in your pocket, does this made your heart skip a beat? Exactly! Buying a new phone is not only expensive but a strenuous job because you cannot remember everything that you put reminders for in your phone, then you cannot remember all the contact numbers that were saved and lastly you lost all your memorable photos. Don’t forget the trouble of redoing all your documents and going through the tiring procedures of new credit cards if you ever lose your wallet. If this happens too often with you and you want to put it to an end now, you should try out these few steps that could be helpful for you along
the way.
1. Always choose a reputable transport service:
If you want your belongings returned to you, then the first and foremost thing to do is to choose a reliable transport service. Make sure that you are taking the ride with the right taxi service. If you are in Islamabad or Rawalpindi and you booked a ride with CabCall Taxi, then you are in luck. If you lose your keys, wallet, mobile or any other valuable item, you can easily recover it by contacting our customer service and providing them with the details and they will track the taxi and will help you in getting back your possessions.
Give a call to our customer support or book a ride through our website or application and the next ride you book with us will be perfectly executed.
2. All possessions at one place:
Having a small bag for all your essential items would be really helpful. Holding too many bags would always lead to a disaster. That’s why you should always choose a backpack, laptop bag or a small purse to keep all your necessary items at one place. In this way, you can always keep a track of them and your hands would be free to use.
3. Be organized:
Even when you start taking a small bag along with you, it’s still necessary to stay organized in order to access them and avoiding panic of not being able to find them. You can assign each compartment of the bag with a specific item, e.g. put all the keys and other small items at one place, larger items in a separate place. Organize in a way that suits you the most and you will see the improvements.
4. As soon as you finish using the items, put them back:
Another way to avoid losing your belongings is to put them back as soon as you are done using them. Sometimes this is one of the main reasons that you lose things. While you are paying for the next ride and you take out your wallet and put your phone on the next seat, there is a high chance that you will forget it there. So instead of losing it, train your brain
in a way that you should keep all your belongings in its assigned place and avoid misplacing them. But don’t worry, if you left any of your belonging in any of the vehicle from CabCall Taxi, you can easily recover them by contacting our customer care. So whenever you need to book a ride in your area, you can definitely count on CabCall Taxi service to offer you the best taxi service closest to you with affordable rates and taking care of you and your belongings safety.

By hamza