Do you think from the safety point of view it would be enough to choose a destination, pack your bags and start your journey?
Well! The answer is a big NO.
Whether you are traveling locally or in some other region, you will still require travel assistance. The issue of your safety pops up when you need to hire a taxi while traveling. 

So we wrote this blog to help you know about our customers’ safety and security.

 Regular maintenance of our taxis:
The foremost priority of our service is the timely and proper maintenance of our taxis. We never want to be a cause of inconvenience for our clients if our taxis stop in the midway that’s why our Captains/drivers prioritize the maintenance.
To provide a clean taxi experience to our clients, our drivers takes the vehicles for thorough cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. All other parts such as brakes, oil level, and tyre pressures are checked as well.
By doing so, we ensure our customers safety and a hassle free ride while traveling with us.
Verified drivers profile:
Before hiring a driver or registering a vehicle, drivers has to go through a procedure of a background check. The only motive behind this whole process is to make sure that the person has a clean background and history.
Every driver working with us has been hired after a complete observation and verification keeping in mind various aspects.
We never want our customers to face any undesired incident due to our imprudence which motivates us to be circumspect on every hiring that we do.
Ensure your safety with CabCall Taxi.
Advanced tracking:
The days are gone when a customer had to wait for the taxi to come during the odd hours. We provide the customers with an advanced tracking system that helps them in locating their taxi. This saves people from unwanted waiting. Our service provides doorstep pick-up and drop-off facility.
So if you want to save your time, book a taxi with us right now.
Strict enforcement of traffic rules and road safety:
Our drivers are very well trained and aware of the traffic rules and follow the road safety measures. They never exceed from the speed limit keeping in mind that their families are waiting for them at home.
Our drivers are provided with a proper training on how to keep themselves and the customers safe.
Book a ride with CabCall Taxi and enjoy a safe and smooth ride.
Elude the distractions:
Our drivers are well trained that they never take their eyes off from the road and avoid all types of distractions. They never pick phone calls in order to avoid any kind of mishap or accident.
We, as the best taxi service company prefer to keep the music in low volume to avoid any kind of distraction for the driver and providing the customers a relaxing journey. If there is any other factor that can be a cause of distraction, we totally avoid it.
Hire us to get the most safest and relaxing journey.

By hamza